• Have an understanding of the requirements of Quality Management

• Systems Standard ISO 9001.

• Be able to implement a Quality Management System.

• Have a range of techniques for the implementation of a QMS in their organization.

Introduction to ISO 9001

Duration – 1 day

• ISO 9001:2008 contains requirements for a quality management system.

• These requirements can be complex and confusing to those who are encountering it for the first  time. Organizations that have implemented, or plan to implement the standard will need to understand these requirements and how they impact on them.

• The course includes a series of lectures and workshops aimed at providing a clear

• understanding of the requirements and feedback on their interpretation.

• It also provides an opportunity for learners to discuss specific requirements with an experienced quality professional.

• The course also provides the opportunity to discuss the standards and expectations of certification bodies along with practical advice and support in plain English.

Internal Audit for ISO 9001

Duration – 3 days
  • An introduction to quality management systems
  • Management of internal audit schedules and reports
  • Preparation of internal audit check-lists (and their pros and cons)
  • Process based auditing techniques (how to gain objective evidence)
  • Auditing behaviour (how to ask questions)
  • Implementing and following up corrective actions